Monday, July 23, 2012

Cold soup. What to Say?

Have I ever told you how I feel about root beer?  I just SMELL root beer and my tongue wants to turn inside out so it doesn't have to taste it.  I can't stand the stuff.  I won't even kiss Mr. Curly after he drinks it, and it is one of his favorite drinks.

Yesterday, well, actually Saturday I made and Sunday we ate Cold Cucumber Soup.

Say it with me now - Cold. Cucumber. Soup.

Everything about this dish sounds AWESOME.  I LOVE cucumbers, I enjoy soup, and cold is perfect for the summer.

After trying it warm, I was honestly a little worried to serve it, but thought "Hey, cold mellows flavors, this should be fine."
After two tastes on Sunday, my tongue felt like it does when I smell root beer and my stomach was threatening to let go of what little it got.

I was really glad I had thrown together a salad and toasted a loaf of bread.  At least we had something to eat!

I can't figure out why I didn't like it.  Maybe too much lemon and garlic?  Maybe it was the plain yogurt?  I used Greek yogurt - super good, right?  But I don't really like plain yogurt at all.  Honestly, I thought about getting vanilla yogurt, but then thought "Certainly the cucumber and avocado will cover up this plain bite-y yogurt flavor."

I kind of want to try it again, I kind of don't want to sacrifice anymore DE-LI-CIOUS homegrown cucumbers or the amazing avocados I found at the grocery store.

I don't know, maybe the only ones who can successfully cook cucumbers are Julia Childs, and that Julie chick who cooked her way through Ms. Child's cookbook.

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kammiecooks said...

Thanks for the warning. I'd been thinking about trying a cucumber & apple soup I'd found on Pinterest. Maybe cucumber doesn't have quite enough flavor to be the focus of a soup?