Monday, July 9, 2012

Torn jeans and bifocals....

I "celebrated" (I wasn't so enthused but lots of other people wanted to) a birthday at the end of June.  It's not an age I was looking forward to.

So far, it hasn't been so bad.  I mean, birthdays don't make things just change over night.

There is one thing that is kind of annoying though.  I had to go buy acne cleansing face soap yesterday.  I wash my face with acne cleansing face soap, and then put on wrinkle preventing facial moisturizer (that I've been using since I turned 24, because I was majorly paranoid about that sort of thing).

It's just a little ridiculous.  Ah the joy of aging.

I did dye my hair a nice radiant red (John Frieda 5R) though, that I really like.  And I got a haircut.  Which I needed and enjoy.  Though I think the next haircut is going to be a Farah Fawcett Charlie's Angels haircut.  I don't know, I figure maybe going back to the decade BEFORE I was born would make me feel younger.  Who knows.

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