Monday, June 25, 2012

Pride and.... trepidation?

Saturday Curly Girl did two new things.

1.  She lied to us.  We asked if she ate all her carrots at lunch, she said yes.  A few minutes after she went to her room for quiet time, I found her plate in the kitchen, with carrots on it.  Because I knew she wasn't sleeping, I asked her about it.
"I hid them, because I didn't want to eat them."
I explained it was lying, she apologized, and those carrots were her snack.
She's four, she's just learning about these things, but I explained it made me very sad, that I knew she didn't like carrots all that much, but that I gave them to her to keep her healthy and strong (something she is big on, she likes to have lots of "injury" for playing!).

But then supper came....
2.  While I was filling milk cups and Mr. Curly was getting silverware, the children were sitting at the table waiting for us.  Curly Girl told her brothers it was time to pray.  She folded her hands and said "Dear Jesus, I'm sorry for all the bad things.  Thank you for all the good things. Amen."
When Mr. Curly and I sat down with the children, she asked if she could pray for all of us, since "I know all the rules."

I am so proud of her for volunteering to pray for our supper, for remembering our lesson on asking Jesus for forgiveness and thanking Him for all He's given us.
I am so worried for future years when she doesn't so readily admit her lies!

But she's a good girl, and the pride far outweighs the trepidation.

Isn't this hair awesome?!

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