Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To live deliberately, surrendered and humble

So, I realized yesterday after my LIFT (ladies in fellowship together) group, that it has been a long time since I've done a taming of the frizz post.

And honestly, that's more because I've had nothing to post about than because I didn't have time.  I like to write an encouragment, a prayer, a story of what God is doing in my life, but I just have had nothing.

And that's a little scary.

But yesterday, we discussed Mary, mother of Jesus.  You think you know her right?  She's the virgin teenager who rode on a donkey and gave birth in a stable (and you thought giving birth w/o pain killers was bad).

However, the lady who ran our study pointed out a couple more things:
Mary, who was given no formal training in the Scriptures, knew them by heart.  She listened and remembered what she heard in the temple, what she overheard when the men spoke about the Torah and God.
Mary, who was a virgin betrothed (which basically meant marriage without consummation in those days), other than asking 'how can this be?' fully accepted, without question, what the angel Gabriel told her.
Mary, who actually could've said 'No, God, the timing isn't good for me,' fully surrendered to all God had planned for her, choosing to believe that God's plan was best over her reputation, or what it would mean for her relationship with Joseph, family and friends, and what it would mean for the rest of her life to have this Son.

Curly Girl and I  have been memorizing a verse a week, as mentioned here.  But that is the most memorization I've done since grade school.
So I got to thinking -

Do I listen AND remember what I hear in church?  Do I really fully participate in discussions of scripture and God?
Do I accept without question what God tells me through the various means He uses?
Do I fully surrender to God's plan without lamenting all I feel I'm leaving behind?

I know I'm not happy with the answers I have for those questions.
So today, I'm beginning more deliberately.  We love our bags and baskets around here, so I'm creating myself a quiet bag.  A journal and a Bible, the books I've been reading to be a better person.  That bag will be what I pull out once all the kids are having their quiet time - that bag will be my relaxing time, rather than the TV and a mindless snack.
And I'm praying for a humble and surrendered spirit.  A spirit that truly says yes to God without looking back on all I think I'm giving up.


That corgi :) said...

It will be time well spent during your quiet times indeed. I like how Mary accepted the news. When you compare her reaction to the news against Zechariah's (John the Baptist's dad) against the news when he heard Elizabeth was going to have a baby, it is two different responses. She didn't understand how it would happen that she would be with child, but she accepted it. Zecharian tended to question more, wanted more proof, etc. I would want the Mary heart to accept what God is saying and not to question it (I tend to question).

Great that you are working on memorization too of the scriptures with your children. Hiding God's word in our hearts is the best thing we can do (and then sharing it of course with others :)

enjoy the day!


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you!