Thursday, December 15, 2011

This truck definitely needs some work....

Curly Baby is getting all homemade gifts this year, with the exception of his new CARS jammies to match Curly Boy's. 
One of this gifts, will be this crocheted truck I made.  I had no pattern, just a picture, and an idea to make it look like Mr. Curly's 1950 Ford F-1.

 For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to make the hood stand out right.
 So instead of a truck, it kind of looks like some sort of delivery van or something.

But I am proud of the blue dot taillights.

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That corgi :) said...

I think it is such a cute idea with giving homemade gifts to your son! I love your creativity with this vehicle (to me it looks like a truck!) Very nicely done!