Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Imagine that title said in an italian accent, low voiced, and you have my favorite line from CARS.  Guido's only english line, and yes, best of the movie.

We have a pit-stop.

We've been working with Curly Boy.  We really have.  I've cleaned up lots of messes, but I praise him each time we go to the bathroom and his underpants are dry (M&Ms were a big incentive).  I even praise him when he tells me he needs to potty as he pees all over my floor.

But yesterday, he wet his pants, and when I asked him if he was wet, he told me no.  When I said, yes you are, lets go change, he climbed onto the far corner of his bed and tried to hide.  It was lunch, Curly Baby was screaming, Curly Girl was hungry, I was starving, and Curly Boy was hiding on his freshly cleaned sheets in wet pants.

We went back to diapers.  And he threw a FIT about it, let me tell you.

But after his nap and bath, we put on big boy underpants again.  In the ten minutes it took me to help Curly Girl bathe and dress and braid her hair, he had messed his drawers big time.  And when I asked him if he knew he was dirty he replied "Um, I don't know."

Yeah, back to diapers.

We'll try again today, but I'm thinking this pit stop might be a little longer than planned.

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