Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let's go racing!

Today, armed with a stack of big boy underpants, 2 boxes of M&Ms, a box of whoppers, a timer, and a training potty filled with blue colored water, we are commencing potty training (again) with Curly Boy.

This time, it is his idea.

See, he told me last night that his bottom hurt.  This has been a frequent complaint since the week of Thanksgiving when too many holiday treats caused some issues.  So we were talking about what caused hurt bottoms, and what got rid of them, and maybe, if he used the big boy potty, his bottom would feel better.
He didn't really want to sit on the potty, but when I suggested he use the potty like Daddy was, that was alright.  He thought he could start this morning.

I know I'm going to clean up a lot of messes.  I know it will be interrupted by naps, church decorating parties, church, shopping trips, and whatever other reason we find to not have a timer going, but I'm going to try.

And, just maybe, for our Christmas trip, he'll be in pull-ups instead of diapers.  Or maybe we'll just be able to travel in cloth since we can stop at any restroom we need.

Wish us luck!

Edit Note: When I say "in pull-ups instead of diapers" I mean just in the car.  If he's potty trained by Christmas, of course, he'll wear underpants during the week.  Those car trips though, they can be a test for bladder control.

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