Monday, December 26, 2011

It is about Jesus anyway....

We did not exactly have the Christmas we were planning.

Curly Girl and I were down with the flu within about 30 minutes of each other on Christmas Eve.  Mr. Curly was nice enough to hold off until the kids were in bed.

We didn't cancel church, but we didn't go either!  Mr. Curly was awake long enough to open gifts and then back in bed.
For lunch we hit up Casey's for a chicken salad sandwhich and chicken tenders.  Mr. Curly cooked our turkey, so we could cut it up and freeze it.

We're thankful that Curly Boy and Baby aren't sick, that we're all recovering - for the look on our two oldest kids' faces when they saw the tree and presents (which I wrapped at 2:30 am while Curly Boy watched me, he was too excited to sleep!).

It was a good Christmas.  Especially since it isn't about the food, when (or how well) the gifts get wrapped, how late you stay up on Christmas Eve (we were all in bed by 8:30), or how early you wake up on Christmas day.  It is about Jesus and the love he brought us.  And I'm pretty sure my kids got that this year.

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