Monday, October 10, 2011

I can't help but laugh....

As parents, we are to nurture and care for our children, but sometimes, in their moment of need, I really just want to laugh at them.

Take Curly Girl.  Whenever she gets hurt, no matter what hurts (leg, arm, hand, head) she dramatically cries "I hurt myself!"
Now, when this happens, 95% of me takes it very seriously.  I pick her up, I kiss whatever hurts, I tell her I'm sorry she got hurt, to be more carefully, and send her on her way.

The other 5%?  Well, that 5% is sitting on the ground, laughing, remembering the movie The New Guy.  Watch this youtube video here.  Particularly, you can just watch from minute marker 3:00 to marker 3:10.  I think of that EVERY time Curly Girl gets hurt.

Someday I'll share it with her.  The movie is one of my guilty favorites, and one of the reasons I watch Memphis Beat.  Jason Lee and DJ Qualls?  Two guys I would never have thought of together, much less in a TNT drama, but it works.  It really does.

I'm trying to convince myself that laughing on the inside is ok.  Because in reality, Curly Girl is hardly ever hurt as bad as she makes it sound (that girl can WAIL).  Surely I'm not the only one doing this?  Right?

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