Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yay and Nay in the same Day

Curly Girl had her 4 year well-child check up yesterday.  3 feet 3.75 inches tall (50th %), 34 lbs (25th%), BMI of 15, and Blood Pressure of 94/48.  It was her first blood pressure test, and while she was nervous when I was telling her about what they would do, the minute the cuff was on her arm, she handled it like a champ!
She LOVES our doctor, and was very excited that this visit was all about her and she got to talk as much as she wanted.
And our doctor is fantastic with kids.  When I explained my nervousness about stranger danger (since Curly Girl doesn't know a stranger), he had a little talk with her about saying hi to people who walk by (we live right by the high school) and yet staying in the yard with Momma and Daddy.  She thought about it a minute and then said "Ok."  Yet when I tell her the same thing, she argues!  I think our doctor is going to have to talk to her about some other things too....
FOUR shots made for a very fussy and sore little girl the rest of the day.  After a 3 hour nap, she was up for about 2 hours and back in bed at 6:30.
All in all though, she's healthy, and we're happy.

Curly Baby on the other hand.... we're still fighting diaper rash and a sensitivity to man-made fabrics.  The fabric sensitivity is crazy, because its only on his waist band and upper thighs, but he's trying so hard to crawl I think all diapers (cloth and disposable alike) rub him the wrong way.
We're going to attempt wool covers next.
And we're pretty sure the rash is caused by my diet, so I'm researching diets online, and at his next appointment (in just 3 weeks) will probably have our doctor help us out with that too.

So, yep, yay and nay all in the same day.

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