Monday, October 17, 2011

A Fun Little Quiz...

So I spent the other day in a college t-shirt, dirty jeans and slippers.  I took an hour and a half nap in the morning (while my uber fussy children also napped) and watched a lot of TV during my babies afternoon naps.
BUT, I accomplished the following in the kitchen.  See if you can guess what was boxed and what was from scratch:

Brownies with chocolate icing
White Chicken Chili
White Bread
Corn Bread

Are you ready?  Do you want to know?  I'll give you the answers backwards.

Corn Bread - from scratch, cooked in my cast iron skillet.  LOVE this recipe, have had it for years, don't even know where I found it now.  It takes more time than a box mix, but tastes a smidge fresher and there is something nice about moving that skillet from the oven to the table and serving fresh, hot cornbread.  Plus, I can make it as sweet as I want this way.

White Bread - from scratch, depending on your definition of scratch.  I used my bread machine, but I had to measure out the flour, water, milk, sugar, yeast, etc.  No boxed mixes in that machine!  Box bread mixes NEVER work for me, they always fall flat, but I can make perfect, delicious, homemade bread in the machine every time.  AND, I got this done by lunch time.

White Chicken Chili - All packaged.  Package of seasoning, can of chicken, canned beans.  I do make it with milk instead of water and add cornstarch to thicken, but this is a pure packaged meal for us.

Brownies with chocolate icing - This was a trick question!  The brownies were boxed, the icing was from scratch.  While I can get my cornbread nice and sweet, my homemade brownies never taste right.  But the icing?  A super simple recipe in a Betty Crocker Cooky Book I got from Mr. Curly's Grandma.  This book has brought us a lot of joy, and one of those joys is in the Marie's Chocolate Icing recipe for peanut butter cookies.  I generally don't ice my brownies, but this was a special request from Mr. Curly.

So, while my day wasn't exactly picture perfect as far as clothes or productivity, my kitchen made up for it.

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