Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wooly Bully... Wooly Bully....

My sister-in-law thinks I'm a little silly, but I've finally found a cloth diaper cover I love - WOOLIES!! I bought one sweater just to test this out and I'm in love. I also found a GREAT Christmas sweater at Goodwill I want to turn into a pair of Christmas diaper covers for the boys.

Here's what I'm doing for Curly Baby now:

I used the tutorials found here and here, but of course, had to change things to make it work for my sewing skill. 
I started with this 100% Shetland Wool sweater bought at Goodwill for $3.75.
I cut out my triangle, and cut off the ends of the sleeves to finish off the leg openings.

Here is the completed woolie next to the sweater it was cut from. 

And here is Curly Baby modeling it.  2 notes - 1) Mr. Curly laughed, saying "Where's the belly button?"  when he saw the triangle.  2) The holes are from me ripping stitches to fix the leg openings.  They have already been sewed up, and I believe I'm going to use contrasting thread next time I make these to ensure I can see what I'm ripping out if need be.
Under the onesie. (Aren't those chubby legs the cutest?!)
Under the pants.
I made one more woolie and a pair of "longies" (wool pants that can be used as a cover/pants combo).  So for $3.75, I have 3 diaper covers.... and enough sweater to make more, if I'm willing to patch pieces together (which I totally am, but I have other things to do too.)
We've successfully gone 2 days in cloth without a rash reappearing, though we did do disposables at night.  It seems if we alternate the wool cover with a PUL cover lined with polyester, we do ok.  My hope, though, is to just have one type of cover to go over his prefolds and make it easier on us all.

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