Friday, October 14, 2011


Oh how the mighty have fallen. (Which I would site here, but when I google it, because I hear it in a catchy pop tune, maybe something by All Star United, I get a MILLION results)

There were a few things I was NEVER going to do with my children.  Go ahead, laugh now, we all know that everybody without kids has a list of things they will never do.  I was no exception.  But here are some things that have changed since I first saw the "you're pregnant" sign with Curly Girl.

1.  Cutesy names for baby items.  "Paci" for pacifier, drove me NUTS.  I still won't call it that - it's a pacifier.  SOMEtimes it is a chewy (if you have one of those teething pacifiers and a teething baby, like we have).  But Curly Girl was all of a week old, when I picked her up and said "Why don't we go change your dipey, baby girl?"  DIPEY!?  Yeah, Dipey.  Aaaannndd, it stuck.  I still say that to my kids.

2.  Running around in just your dipey.  This is a recent change, brought on by a change in bathing schedules.  My kids have ALWAYS worn pants.  Part of this is attributed to the weather conditions of where we live, and part of it is my desire that we separate night and day by what we wear and during the day, unless you're in a dress, you wear pants (or shorts, weather permitting, which means its at least 75 outside).
But lately, now that we take baths/showers after our afternoon naps, if Curly Boy and Baby wake up before Curly Girl, they run (or roll) around in a t-shirt and diaper (nap time clothes).  We play until Sissy wakes up, she takes her shower, then the boys get in the tub.

3.  Laying out naked.  Just DOES NOT HAPPEN.  Until this never-ending diaper rash of Curly Baby's.  Now he's regularly out naked, "airing" out and having a grand old time.  This still bothers me, but is necessary for his health, so we'll do it.

4.  Snacks right before dinner.  We all know this ruins your appetite, right?  Well, it also keeps the kids from circling like piranhas when you're trying to cook.  When my kids were still napping until 5:00 each day, I would give them a snack at 5:30, so they would be busy while I was making dinner.  Now that they are up earlier, we snack earlier, but the principle is still the same.

5.  Eating with a child on my lap.  Yes, sometimes this bothers me, but sometimes, eating around my baby's head is a lot easier than listening to him cry.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the five I've been laughing at myself about lately.  And five is a good list.  Top Five - it makes the movies you know.

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