Thursday, October 13, 2011

Middle Child Syndrome

Poor Curly Boy has been awfully left out of these posts lately.  And at 2.5 years old, his antics make that a crying shame.

So here's what Curly Boy likes: Tickling, Running, Screaming, Wrestling, Cars, Yelling, Riding Horseback (no we don't actually go ride horses, this is Mommy or Daddy's job, and in a pinch, the rocking horse), Playing Ball, Swinging, Laughing Uproariously, Picking on His Sister, Making Faces at His Baby Brother, Being Loud.

His favorite word: Wiggle.  Seriously.  He will run around the house yelling "Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!"  He says it while he's swinging, while he's tickling, while he's enjoying a snack.  It is absolutely hilarious.

His best friend is his Buddy Bear.  Who has several "owies" (spots where the fur has been rubbed off) and is pretty unfluffy, but a good friend none the less.  Buddy Bear now slides and swings with us, jumps in Curly Baby's johnny jump-up, plays R2D2 Trouble, eats dinner, puts away dishes, and anything else Curly Boy can manipulate his little paws to do!

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