Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm my own grandpa.....

Actually, I'm NOT my own grandpa, I'm my father's daughter.

Growing up, my dad used to tease mom that all he asked for was a pie a week.

Now that I'm sitting at home, I am trying to make that pie a week. Only the pie is the form of cakes, doughs, pastas, casseroles, roasts.....

Last week's new recipes were pizza dough in the bread machine that tastes almost EXACTLY like Pizza Huts. It is so awesome. Found it here.

The other was apple crisp. Friday was rainy and there was a football game less than half a block away. So I went Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade and bought 2 cans of apple pie filling, but made the crisp from scratch.
Topped with frozen whipped cream - oh my goodness.

I also made brownies with reese's peanut butter chips in them, but that wasn't new. That was just because I just wanted brownie batter. :)

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kammiecooks said...

I might have to pull my bread machine out for that one.