Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tastes like chicken....

Some of you may remember my challenge to cook one new thing a week.
Last week I was an overachiever.

Monday I made a homemade lime vinegrette (much like the one I used on the salmon pitas) to bake my talapia in. The vinegrette wasn't so much new, as the application was.

Thursday I made pork tamales and guacamole and Friday I made homemade pizza dough from scratch (though I used the bread machine's dough cycle to do all the kneading and rising).

It is Thursday's meal I want to talk about.
2 things : 1) I've only ever had tamales twice before, years apart from each other and years ago and 2) I've never tasted guacamole before.
That's right, I made a food that I myself have no idea what it should taste like.

I followed Rachel Ray's pork tamale recipe (kind of), and this post here to make the tamales in the crockpot.

The guacamole was TERRIBLE. The avocadas tasted great, but once they were blended with everything else, yuck. I did a mix of lemon/lime juice for my acid and it overtook everything. Obviously I measured something wrong.

The tamales were not so bad. Mr. Curly laughed because they were the biggest tamales he had ever seen (I didn't tear the corn husks in half, so yes, they were huge). My ratio of masa dough to pork filling was a little off, but nobody went hungry that night.

AND, because it makes so many, we have a bag of tamales in the freezer for quick lunches.
A successful try, and something I will definitely make again.

Now just to find something new to fix this week.

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