Monday, August 22, 2011

What are you doing, you madwoman, you're wrecking my apartment!

We rearranged furniture last week.

When Mr. Curly and I moved into our new home in Iowa, we were overwhelmed by boxes. You couldn't get into the boys's room, my couch was in the dining room... it was awful!
So, to give us an anchor in the sea of boxes, we created this furniture set up (view from the front door):

This allowed us to have a small box free area. Boxes were put behind the couch, behind chairs, used as end tables... but we had a small clean area to play.

Five months later, that small area was driving me crazy! It's like we had taken 1 huge room and chopped it into 4. So I got some graph paper, cut out our furniture to scale, and started trying to find a good arrangment. After 4 hours of paper arranging and having no luck, Mr. Curly sat down, spent 3 minutes looking at it and said "Let's move this chair to the dining room and put the couch here."

And so it was done. The blue recliner was moved to a dining room corner and will be returning to which it came (my parent's house), and this is our new arrangement.

I LOVE it! It is so much more open, the desk is less noticeable when you're sitting around, the kids can hide their bigger toys behind the couch, and did I mention it is so much more open?
Curly Girl cried when she saw it. It ruins the running path she was wearing in the carpet. I also turned the dining room table, but the kids won't change where they set (wonder where they get that creature of habit thing from), so I don't know if that will stay.

Mr. Curly thinks the TV is slightly too far away and that the light causes a glare on his face, but I think he'll get used to it.
Or maybe we'll just buy all new furniture to fit this new space. HA.
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