Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the day.....

This last Friday was such a throwback to my childhood.

When I was growing up, Saturdays were cleaning and shopping day, but only after Mom got to sleep in. I remember my brother and I watching cartoons and eating cereal, only until Mom got up. Then, once she was ready to clean, we cleaned.
After a nice lunch of pancakes, we'd take off to do the bi-monthly shopping at the closest Walmart (1.5 hours away), unless it wasn't a shopping week, and then we didn't do a whole lot of anything.

This last Friday, I put a movie on for the Curly Kids at 6:30 AM and then slept until Curly Baby woke up. Then it was time to clean bedrooms, straighten and vacuum the whole house, eat waffles for lunch and laze away the afternoon.

Yep, definitely a throwback day. Loved it.

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