Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let them eat cake!

Around the time of my birthday I was feeling kind of like a bum for not contributing to the family finances in anyway. I mean, some people have jobs to contribute, some people coupon to contribute (My sister-in-law is amazing at this), some people have etsy shops. Me? Well, I try to be creative with what is in the pantry so we don't spend so much on groceries, but that doesn't always work.
Anyway, Monday I was reminded of why I so much wanted to be the bum not contributing to finances.
Sunday evening, Curly Girl watched Cupcake Wars with me and really really wanted to make blue cupcakes (one of the competitors made blueberry cupcakes).
Monday afternoon, we made these (from scratch even!):

Monday evening after supper, Mr. Curly, Curly Girl, Curly Boy and I set down and decorated the cupcakes, ate a few, and had a good time spreading sprinkles.
It was a great evening, a fun family time that I wouldn't have had time for if I was working a full time job.
I very grateful for the reminder of why Mr. Curly and I have ordered our life the way we have.

Curly Girl sorting cupcake papers.

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