Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have new goals for my new year.
Over the next three months I have set the following goals:

Lose that final 9 pounds (this will put me down to pre-Curly GIRL weight!)
Write at least a paragraph a day (use The One Minute Writer and Daily Writing Tips for ideas if need be)
Try at least one new recipe a week (even if it means putting things together that seem totally out of this world)
Update the checkbook, balance the budget at least twice a month
Learn to make some of those super cute ideas in my new crochet books
Potty train Curly Boy! (This will take more consistency on my part than anything for Curly Boy - he is ready!)
Begin homeschooling Curly Girl (Lessons at least 3 times a week!)
Have at least one conversation a week that doesn't have anything to do with our kids with Mr. Curly
Enjoy Curly Baby's coos and smiles and happiness to be setting by himself (without looking at that time as 'I really should be doing something else')
Complete the church bulletin BEFORE Saturday bedtime
Organize a "missions moment" for the first two Sundays of the month in time to notify the missions president
Plan for Sunday School BEFORE Saturday morning
Re-work my cleaning schedule to fit my Curly Kids' new schedule (lessons, dance, play group....)
Wish me luck!

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