Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'll be there for you....

As I write this, I am setting in our town's best coffeshop and creperie Habitue. Actually, it is the only creperie, as far as I'm aware, but that still doesn't change the fact that I believe it is the best coffeeshop as well.

It's a beautiful shop - two levels and a garden courtyard. Blues, golds, greens and burgundies are foundin the paint, the floor, the furnishings. This coffeeshop is unique to other coffeeshops I've visited in that, instead of playing mindless soft rock, they play current Christian music. There are Bible verses on the wall.

Whether the Bible verses and music were here or not, the owners have done a fantastic job of creating a warm, inviting, comforting place.

I sit by the window, hoping I look cool and hip as I type on my laptop. You know, like the background people in Central Perk on Friends. I have a feeling though that I look like every other 20-30 something who spends their time in coffeeshops on laptops. It's no longer a new, hip thing, but very passe.

But that is me - passe. I come into every fad just as it finishes.
Still, I'm enjoying my quiet time. My time to eat without sharing with my kids, to enjoy a fresh made drink without having to wipe toddler spit off the straw. It is a new experience for me, and one I am quite enjoying.

Today, as I write this, it is my birthday. Curly Girl is at dance camp and the Curly Boys are with Mr. Curly, working on something that Mr. Curly won't tell me about.

There is a verse above the back counter that reads "He who refreshes others is refreshed himself."
So while today is my birthday, and I'm enjoying my time alone, I pray that tomorrow, when this will post, that Mr. Curly feels refreshed, because I am enjoying this quiet treat of a frosted cinnamon roll and strawberry-banana smoothie (SO GOOD) because of his love for me.

Now I'm going to get off blogger and enjoy my new library book and my hour left before I pick up Curly Girl and return to the duties of Momma.

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