Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, we had a rather successful 5 day weekend!

Thursday morning we took off around 6:30 to head down to KS to visit my mom for mother's day and attend her college graduation.

WAY TO GO (again) MOM on the college degree! I am SO proud of you! (Can you hear the voice, can you can you?)

Things that counted towards success -

  • Thursday's 8 hour drive turned into a 10 hour drive due to Mr. Curly's sick stomach and an extra long lunch break, but not one of our 3 kids had a melt down.

  • Curly Baby took his first vacation successful at just 2.5 weeks old - he travels MARVELOUSLY (Just like Curly Girl and Boy do).

  • The kids got new swimsuits and now their KS Grandparents have an inflatable pool to cool their toes in on the hot summer nights.

  • Curly Boy got his summer tan, Curly Girl did NOT burn, and I got my first sunburn in several years!*

  • The weather was beautifully, unseasonably hot.

  • I met my new little nephew, who is just a stinkin' handsome fella. You can read more about my brother and his family on my sister-in-law's blog, Life with Mrs. B.

  • The Curly Kids (minus Curly Baby) spent every night at my parent's house, while Mr. Curly and I crashed in the church apartment. This allowed us to sleep in (though Curly Girl got my parents up at 6:00 every morning!). Thank you, Mom and Dad!

  • And the drive back on Monday only took 8 hours, there were no meltdowns, no road construction, and ice cream at the end.
I'll do a picture post, hopefully this week!

*Since our move to SD, I have never found it warm enough to sit outside in a sleeveless dress. I greatly enjoyed melting in the sun at Mom's graduation. I did spray the Curly Kids down with sunscreen, but between one thing and another, completely forgot to spray myself. My right shoulder is nice and crispy and will fade/peel down to my normal porcelain white. While it is uncomfortable now, it was just nice to enjoy the sun. Next time I'll remember the sunscreen!

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