Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's go fly a kite!

Every once in awhile, Mr. Curly will base his work schedule off the weather forecast. And then we get great afternoons like this one....

Curly Boy did pretty good for his first kite flying experience, though if there was a really big gust of wind, he'd lose his grip! Still, he had fun for awhile, and when he was done flying kites, he went to play on the slide, where he insisted Curly Baby take a turn as well!

Curly Girl got the hang of it instantly! She narrated everything. "The car is flying!" Then, in a sad tone when it started to fall "It's not flying." "IT'S FLYING!" Was always the excited response when the wind picked up the kite again.

And this is why we buy the $1 kites from Walmart. They are tough! Both kites survived being tangled in this tree, blown across the yard and losing part of their tails. They lived to fly another day!

Really? You don't know where the post title is from? See the video here, check out the details here.

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