Monday, May 30, 2011

As promised....

When I wrote the blog about my mom's graduation, I said I would have a picture post following. I promise I promptly forgot, until now.

So here it is, dear readers, pictures of our weekend in dear old Kansas.

Playing in the dirt in Grandad's backyard. Shortly after this picture was taken, old tonka trucks of my brother's were pulled out and we moved into the tilled, but as of then, unplanted section of garden where the soft dirt provided hours of fun.

Due to the hours of fun in the dirt, a swimming pool and new suits were needed for the kids to rinse off before going back inside. Grandad even carved them a couple of boats!

How Curly Baby spent his afternoon at the park. This is the sling I made for $7.

Mr. Curly in the college procession - can you pick him out? I can!

My mom just after receiving her diploma. Her name was called so fast we almost all missed it!

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