Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're fine, we're all fine here now.

So, yeah. Nice post about "we're all fine here" and then the OB Coordinator from the hospital calls. While supper is burning in the oven and the house fills with smoke.

Here's what happened.

I mixed up pizza crust dough, and then Curly Baby wanted to eat. So Mr. Curly rolled out the dough and put the pizza together. He decided half of it would be great as a stuffed crust pizza, and put a little cheese on top of the dough to mark where the stuffed crust was.
No big deal, great idea really.

Only, then the cheese started to melt and drip off the pizza onto the oven. And smoke started rolling out of the oven vent just as the phone rang. The OB Coordinator was calling to make sure everything was going ok (standard procedure at our hospital).

So as Mr. Curly is telling her "Everything's fine. Situation normal. We had a slight weapons malfunction, but we're fine here. We're all fine here." I'm trying to figure out if it is the pizza, or the garlic bread burning, and then, once I know what it is, how to stop it.

Mr. Curly got off the phone and came to the rescue, but seriously, the whole house had smoke in it. We pulled out a few blankets and opened the windows until the house cleared.

Watch the awesome clip Mr. Curly quoted completely from memory as he scraped burning cheese off the bottom of my stove here.

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