Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So, how's it going?

I've decided to skip the birth story because my view of events are WAY different than what actually happened (example - I was sure I pushed for at least an hour, turns out it was more like 3 minutes).

Anyway, everyone's big question now is how things are going. And my answer is "So far, so good."

My amazing mom came and spent the week and did all my cleaning and most of the cooking. My wonderful dad came with her and entertained Curly Boy and Girl, plus hung up shelves, put on a closet door and bought ice cream for us all 3 different nights!

Curly Baby is, I suppose, normal. He's pooped on me once, peed on my bed, soaked through a diaper and blew out another. All in one week! Curly Girl peed on me the first night I had her home, but since then, I've never had that problem.

I can't complain though. He's a ridiculously quiet baby. And after his last feeding of the night (which is sometimes 8:30, sometimes 11:30), he will sleep for almost 5 hours. After that early morning feeding, he sleeps another 5! He never cries (except for at bath time), and is extremely tolerant of Curly Girl and Boy being in his face.

Curly Girl is madly in love with him and wants to hold him all the time. Curly Boy likes him, but we are dealing with some jealousy issues. Nothing we can't handle.

So, that's how it's going. I'm hoping to get back to regularly scheduled blogging soon - but tomorrow is my first day as full-time mommy of three with no help. We'll see who cries first....

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