Friday, April 8, 2011

That's Impossible!

Everyone knows babies grow a lot their first year. And most kids keep on growing pretty fast through their second. But I never really thought about it until I made Easter vests for the boys.

Curly Boy's vest is a 2T, slightly cut down to fit a bit better. He's kind of between 18 month and 24 month clothes. And if you don't have kids, 24 months, while technically the same length of time as 2T (two year toddler size), they are slightly smaller.

Curly Baby's vest was the 2T pattern (very badly) cut down to a newborn size.

Crazy, isn't it?

I found the pattern free at Burda Style here.

The green (it is a sage green, my lighting isn't so hot) is from an old shirt of Mr. Curly's and the silk backing is from a pair of curtains that were left in our SD house.

These vests actually have velcro closures, because I can do a million perfect button holes in practice and then they go all wonky on the actual clothes. So the buttons (bought to make something fun for Curly Boy that never materialized) are just for looks. While they aren't what you expect on an Easter outfit, I really love the fun look they give the vests.

I need to start on Curly Girl's dress. If I can get it done in time (plus the pink flowers she is requesting as waist decorations and headbands), I will make the boys bow ties to match. The rest of the outfit will be store bought button ups and black pants.

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kammiecooks said...

Cute vests! I think it's neat for kids to have Easter outfits.
Did you use a light box to take the pics of the vests? If so, how'd you make it? I keep thinking I should create one so I could get better pics of the food I make.