Thursday, April 7, 2011

First off, if you're going to insult me....

Curly Girl has been working on her insults, and she doesn't even know it!

Tuesday night we went to a track meet. While watching bugs in the grass, she says "That bug kind of looks like your mom."
Mr. Curly and I, trying desperately not to laugh, say "What?"
"That bug, looks like his mom. Like I look like you, Mommy!"

So yeah, she totally made a your mom joke at 3 years old.

Yesterday, on our walk, she said my tummy was getting big like a bear. I told her that I wasn't so sure I looked like a bear.

And then she said I looked like an elephant. With a laugh, I said "I REALLY don't like that!"
"No, your arm shadow looks like an elephant."
Then I understood. I was pulling her in a wagon, and my free arm swinging, combined with the shadow of the wagon, looked like an elephant.

So maybe it isn't so much the insults she's working on, as the imagination.


Post title from "Monsters, Inc."

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