Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday was awesome

So, yeah, no snazzy little title here, just the pure truth.

We spent the morning at an Antique Show/Flea Market. We ate out at a local burger joint that was AMAZING! The kids took early naps, so by 4:00 we were outside enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather!
Curly Boy got grass stains all over his knees and Curly Girl was covered in bubbles.

We had our first cook out of the season. In APRIL!!!
Gas station pops, hamburgers, cottage cheese, chips and strawberry short cake.... It really couldn't have got any better.

During nap time I made chocolate pie with sugar cookie dough crust for Sunday dinner. I baked blackberry muffins for Sunday breakfast. And then I threw together Huntington Chicken for Sunday dinner - this is a Sunday classic. Since I was 8 years old (until I moved out on my own) we had Huntington chicken at least once a month. First at Grandma Elsie's, then (once we moved), my mom started making it.

Grandma Elsie was a phenomenal woman of God and such an influence on my life. In fact, when we thought Curly Baby was a girl, we considered using Grandma Elsie's name. It was a special rememebrance of her to put that meal together Saturday afternoon and serve it to my family on Sunday.

I hope someday Curly Girl meets someone who is not biologically family, but family nonetheless. Someone who is a mentor without realizing it and leaves a permanent mark of what a real follower of Christ is. Someone who stays with her, even once they are gone.

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Anonymous said...

Elsie was definitely a great mentor. There are times I still think of her and really miss being able to share things with her and know that she would pray for me and not judge me.

Cherish the memories.