Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We have gads of books! Mountains of books!

About 6 years ago for Mr. Curly's birthday I bought him a set of office furniture. Now, not expensive office furniture, but still, instead of working off of an old chair in the guest room, he had a desk, filing cabinets, bookshelves.... And, if I don't say so myself, he enjoyed it. It was helpful as he worked his way through a master's degree and began his preaching career.

And with the exception of the desk (which was an armour style desk and went to my parents when we cut the old entertainment center into a desk), we are still using that office furniture.

When I bought the bookshelves, I imagined there would be plenty of room for all of our books. For 6 years I've been wrong. For 6 years they have been absolutely packed and overflowing with theology, divinity and other religious books.

But now, well, now he has an office, in a different building, with built in bookshelves.

So now these bookshelves are in my dining room, and look like this:

Please ignore the unpacking mess. We're working on it. And honestly, I thought they would be more full than that once I unpacked all my books that have been sitting in tubs in the attic for 3 years now (before that they were under our bed).

Though I have realized I have, maybe, a slight obsession. In the first picture, the bookshelf on the right has a shelf and a half of history books. No big surprise, I was a history major, I should have nonfiction history books. But out of that shelf and a half, three-quarters of a shelf is civil war and gilded era books. And of those books, three-quarters of them are on gunfighters, specifically Doc Holliday (this will come to no surprise to those who know me).

But I suppose it's good to have a theme. Just in case I ever really do start that master's program.

Post title from Beauty and the Beast.

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