Thursday, March 31, 2011

This house is clean.

You will notice a suspicious lack of bedrooms in our IA house. This is because they are not clean, nor are some of them fully unpacked. But Tuesday, while Mr. Curly was out of town, I "finished" unpacking.
Our living room from the front door.
This is my music/crafting corner. It still needs some work. But if I remove Mr. Curly's light box from the table (great for taking pictures of small projects!), then the pile is material for curtains and Easter outfits and my sewing machine fits perfectly. To the left of the front door, our office area. A few more boxes here, but nothing horrible.
Dining room. And the bookshelves.

Kitchen (The laundry room is just beyond the kitchen - the pile there is clean laundry I folded after taking pictures, and the shop vac will most likely be taken out to the garage once it is cleaned out). Right side of kitchen. We plan on covering the deep freeze in louann (a thin veneer wood) to make it match the cabinet there and dress it up a bit. The hallway and bathroom!

Title Post from "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective"

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