Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does God have a "needs to be done" pile?

You know the metaphor about inviting God into your house and He cleans it all up for you?
Do you think He has one of these?
This is our consolidated "needs to be looked through" pile. These are boxes we started to unpack, then didn't know where to put the stuff, so left the box half full. We then dumped it in with another half full box, until each room in our house had a box of "what are we going to do?" items.

Do you think God does this when He is invited in to clean up our life? Do you think He starts going through a pile and says "Wow, no idea, let's leave it 'til last?"

I don't think so. I think, being the all-knowing God that He is, He knows exactly what to do with each last little joy, sorrow, memory, decision, addiction, problem, talent, and potential thing He finds.

And I don't think He takes a break from cleaning until everything has found its place - whether that is being removed from us, or settled in more firmly to grow in His love.

It's rather comforting to know that God isn't human. To know He never stops, never gives up, never needs a caffeine break or gets overwhelmed with all the junk He finds.
And He never throws out anything valuable just because He's tired of cleaning it up. That's the best part.

I read "You Are Special" by Max Lucado to the Curly Kid's last night. It's nice to know our Creator loves us and finds us special and beautiful, no matter what others think. And it's nice to know, that when we allow ourselves to become dingy with the world's dirt and sadness, that the Creator will take the time to remind us why He made us in the first place, why we are special, and what our potential really is.

We just have to go to Him and believe.

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