Friday, January 7, 2011

Curly Girl's Christmas

This post covers Don't numbers 8 and 10 and Do numbers 4, 8, and 14. And some other things.

Curly Girl has fallen in love with princesses, like little 3 year old girls everywhere do. She likes to wear princess dresses and dress shoes (though the flashing princess snow boots have gotten her preference lately).

But she's also pretty energetic and wild. So when we rolled out Curly Boy's car mat, the first thing Curly Girl did was march across it, proclaiming loudly "I'm walking on the map!! I'm walking on the map!!" Once she got that out of her system, it was on to driving cars and crashing them.

We had some good girl moments though. Like when she put on her robe for the first time....

Or when she decided the hair wraps I made her for Christmas were just the coolest things ever. Once we got one on, she would wear it until her hair was completely dry!

And, of course, we spent hours playing with our new make-up kit. I even had the privilege of a make-up make-over session and wound up covered in shiny, glitter make-up from my forehead to my chin (obviously, Curly Girl feels that eye shadow looks marvelous on your nose too).

And since we were taking pictures of everything else, she felt her Grinch needed a picture under the tree as well.

For Christmas, her stocking held a new spatula and skillet, along with a little wooden pizza. She has a play dough set from her second birthday that also has quite a few food presses. A great-aunt sent her an apron to help Momma in the kitchen. And her aunt and uncle sent along a play kitchen that they no longer needed. Thankfully, it's a little one (Mr. Curly and I have nothing against imaginative toys, we're sure to have a tool bench some day, but we hate our living room looking like a daycare or toy aisle, so the big plastic things don't make it our way very often).

Curly Girl LOVES it! She made juice, she baked pizza, she washed her new tea set dishes and then did it all again.

The only thing better than her play kitchen, is the real kitchen. I can't do the dishes without her finding her stool to help rinse (this is not a complaint). And we had a great time making cookies for the New Year's Eve party. Curly Girl was even more excited when a snowstorm kept the party from happening and those 50 cookies stayed with us. More frosting, more sprinkles, more, more more!!

And even though Sunday afternoon held a meltdown that resulted in nap time without a potty break first, which resulted in an afternoon bath and washing clothes and bedding (she had been crying for over 30 minutes, we had no idea the cries had changed to 'I need the potty' cries!), it also meant that I got to nap with my sweet little girl on Momma and Daddy's bed. And while I pretended to sleep, hoping it would get her to go to sleep, she pushed my hair off my forehead and cheek and pulled the blankets up around my shoulders.
Eventually, I had to go check on Curly Boy, so I got Curly Girl a doll to snuggle with and told her to take a little nap. I'm not sure she ever slept, but the quiet time was definitely good for her.

We know she got the point of Christmas though, when she told us that we celebrated Jesus's birthday, when he was laid in the manager and the angels appeared.

I wouldn't have my sweet, smart, wild, little girl change one thing.

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