Monday, December 6, 2010

It's snowing!

Somewhere we have a picture of our first April up here in the north. In the picture, there is 6 inches of FRESHLY FALLING SNOW piled on our Ranger.

I cried that day.

I cried long and hard about the weather, about missing my family, about being stuck in apartment when we really wanted to buy a house. About my little 7 month old daughter who should be pulling up new shoots of grass, not bundled up watching the snow out of the patio window. It was not a good day.

In the almost 3 years since we've moved here, the crying has stopped, but it is still hard to see snow in April.

This year we have been lucky. We had a dry dusting of snow, not even enough to cover the grass a couple of weeks ago. Dec. 3 marks our first real snow.

I woke up, got ready for work, set down to eat and went "Oh, it's snowing." Mr. Curly went to start the car for me and came back reporting fast falling snow almost 1/2 inch deep already.

I know first hand the dangers of driving in ice and snow. Here are pictures from 2 years ago, when ice caused a 5 car collision that resulted in a totaled truck, a "new" Explorer and an extra ultrasound to make sure Curly Boy was still safe inside me.

And yet, still, Friday morning, driving 40 miles an hour down our little county highway, with the snow plow coming up behind me (of course I left just 2 minutes too early), I greatly enjoyed the drive.

The soft snow, the tires plowing through almost untouched snow (a few people had driven before me), the Christmas carols on the radio, the warm heater, and the good knowledge that my 4x4 HIGH was on and if I ended up in a ditch, well, hey, the snow plow was behind me!

If I had had the Curly Kids with me it would've been a completely different story. But with just me and Curly Baby (little enough to be protected still), it was rather relaxing.

Snow in December, I can handle that.
Snow in April, that's another story.

Post title from "The Wizard of Oz"

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