Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Every time I look in the mirror... except for the beard.

The title post comes from "The Fugitive." Harrison Ford has just shaved his beard, dressed in extra scrubs, and is attempting to sneak out of a hospital. A guard comes by and asks if he's seen anybody of this description and proceeds to describe Harrison Ford with a beard.
With a smile, Ford replies "Every time I look in the mirror, except the beard."

It was actually a pretty nondescript description, something like "5'10", brown hair, blue eyes, 220 lbs." It could've described any number of people.

I have decided I'm one of those nondescript, average looking people. I have a million doppelgangers in the world.

At Walmart last week, the checker asked me if I was grocery shopping on my lunch break. I said yes, for what I needed it was easier without the kids. He nodded and then asked me if I still worked out at a plant on the east side of town. I have never worked at that plant, but I said no, and told him my new place of employment.
He stopped checking things and said "Did you ever work there?"
I laughed and named the plant on the west side of town that I had done accounting work for for about 1.5 years. And then added "You must have me mistaken for someone else."
And of course, he did.

This happens to me all the time! In high school, I had a friend who looked like his lunch lady. In college, people always thought I was the sister of a person I had never met.

You know, I know I'm not a stunning beauty, or have any exotic looks to make people really remember me, but I never thought I was THAT average.

Still, if people remember someone who looks like me, and continue to be nice, maybe it's not so bad to have so many look-alikes in the world...


Anonymous said...

I watched half of The fugitive last week! When i saw your blog title I knew exactly what you were talking about.


Anonymous said...

It has been said we all have a twin:)


Curly-T said...

Awesome, Jon! Most the time, I only remember this movie as the "one armed man killed my wife" movie - but the post quote sticks with me a lot too!