Saturday, December 4, 2010

"My favorite and my favorite!"

We received our Shutterfly Christmas cards Thursday!

After much debating and creating, we decided on a simple flat card that holds 6 pictures - 3 of Curly Girl and 3 of Curly Boy. We chose 1 each from around January and February, one each from the summer, and one each from this fall. It's a nice progression to see, especially with Curly Boy!

Curly Girl was excited to show them to me when I got home, to show me her "favorite Chris-as cards!"

Now I just have to get my address list together and finish printing off my letter to include with them. Because, yes, I do both. You'll read about my family whether you want to or not! So there! :P


Rachel said...

Ah...Christmas letters. We did one last year--and this year, well, I just didn't feel like exerting the energy. We wouldn't have gotten cards had they not ben free.

Curly-T said...

I generally start officially writing my Christmas letter in early October (though I collect ideas all year) and mail them out the day after Thanksgiving. I'm behind this year!
It's just because I'm self-absorbed enough to think everybody is just dying to read about our year. ;)