Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who started this silly game anyway?

This is me at 18 weeks pregnant.

When I was roughly 8 months pregnant with Curly Boy, and Curly Girl was finally walking, we began a little game of "don't touch Mama with the X" (whatever was in her hand).

In the beginning, it was a striped fish finger puppet. I would tickle Curly Girl with it, and then she would "chase" me as I pretended to be terrified of this fish. The chasing was easy, take 3 steps away, watch as she toddled closer, jump away, she'd giggle and try to run. Super cute, super easy to do, even pregnant.

The game has continued and evolved as Curly Girl's skill has. Now there is real running, now she wants to be chased too. And now Curly Boy has joined in the game.

Monday night, for 30 minutes, we played "don't touch mama with the snake." The 'snake' being a broken necklace chain (a thick one) Curly Girl found in the dirt this past summer. Making hissing noises, Curly Girl began chasing me around in circles in the family room.

It soon became running from the family room to the living room, catching Curly Boy so he wouldn't hit the hardwood too hard when his stocking feet slipped out from underneath him.

But then, the Curly kids wanted to be chased. So there we were, Mr. Curly firmly planted in his recliner in the middle of the action, working on the laptop, while I chased the two kids from the couch in the living room, across the room, into and across the family room, through the dining room to the far corner of the kitchen. There, hissing for all I was worth, I would tickle as they screamed with laughter.
And then we ran back to the couch, where the children would jump up for safety, but of course, the snake followed them there.

I have no idea how many trips we made back and forth across that house. We had to end the game however, when Curly Boy fell off the couch, missed the area rug and fell flat on his back on the hardwood. After that, we played "26 card pickup" with Curly Girl's alphabet cards: Counting to 3, throwing the cards in the air as we all screamed "Woooahhh!!!!"

It was so much fun, and the children even helped pick up all their toys before bed. But, as I wearily climbed the stairs to take them to baths, I looked at Mr. Curly and said "Who started that silly chasing game anyway?"
Completely laughing at me, he simply answered, "You."

Ooohhh yeeaaahh. Hm.

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