Friday, November 19, 2010

Time for USPS to be extra busy!

I LOVE sending out Christmas letters. I've done this every year since Mr. Curly and I were married. Every once in awhile I get to include pictures.

This year, while I still want to send out an update letter - I also want a great way to show off how my Curly Kids have grown. Enter: Shutterfly.

I've uploaded pictures to Shutterfly before and used deals to print off multitudes of photos for scrapbooks, but haven't ever before made cards.

My favorite this year? This one. I love that I can put a family photo, plus early and late year shots of the kids, and still slip my newsy little letter inside.

I also love this flat card - perfect for fridges! A lot of times when we receive holiday cards, I cut off the holiday greeting and save it with the letters to remember who sent us a card, but their picture can hang year round on our "family and friends" section of the fridge. (Yes, my refrigerator has designated places for each type of thing to hang on it, I'm a geek, I know).

To get your own free cards, click here. And happy creating!

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