Friday, October 8, 2010

You're never fully dressed without a smile

Tuesday morning, Curly Girl woke up while I was still in the shower. Mr. Curly brought her in to use the potty, and she stuck around to get ready for the day with me.

Curly Girl likes to put on make-up, so after we brushed our teeth, I helped her with a little foundation and blush. We even added masticker! (That's mascara, in Curly Girl world).

And then it got fun. While I was putting on eye shadow, Curly Girl grabbed an extra shadow brush and decided to put on her own make-up. When we were all done, she had pink eye lids, and burgundy cheeks, with a pale shimmer on her forehead and chin.
It was time for me to do my hair. Curly Girl LOVES putting mousse and gel in her hair, so she pulled out the pigtails we had just done. She wanted to wear her hair "curly and down like mama."

I gave her a little mousse and got some for myself. Then I hung my head upside down to put in mousse, and Curly Girl did her best to do the same.

As Mr. Curly, watching while he got ready for the day, commented "This is such a video camera moment."

I also put a little bit of styling gel just in the roots around my face and my part to keep little curls from frizzing. Curly Girl did this as well, smearing gel all over her forehead.

We washed our hands. Curly Girl rubbed all the gel off of her forehead, turned to Mr. Curly and says "I look pretty."
Mr. Curly, ever the father, stated "You do look pretty, sweet pea. You look pretty, even without the make-up."
Beaming from ear to ear, we went to choose clothes for the day.

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Rachel said...

:) I LOVE this story. Lucy has been wanting to be made up too...though she just really likes carrying around the make-up brushes.