Thursday, October 7, 2010

First, dad makes us move....

Yes, my children's daddy is making us move, in really slow increments. Gracious. (By the way, it isn't really his fault. We can't move completely until the house is sold, and we're still finishing projects. Once it is sold though, the move will go fast! We're hoping the selling goes fast too!)

We had our first weekend trip to Mr. Curly's new church in Iowa on October 1. My dad was visiting and brought a trailer, so helped us move my piano, several bookshelves, chairs and a multitude of boxes.

The first Sunday at the new church went well.
Trying to figure out how to live in two places at once, not so well.

I packed food and some plastic cups, plates, bowls, spoons and forks. I did not pack anything to cook that food in.
I packed blankets, towels and over night supplies. I did not pack pillows.
I packed clothes. Some of us had too much (Mr. Curly had 4 t-shirts and 5 dress shirts for Saturday and Sunday), some of us had too little (Curly Boy had only one pair of jeans, Curly Girl had no pajamas, and I had 2 dresses, but no clean socks).
We packed all our movies, but no TV or DVD/VCR player.
We packed most of the children's books, but nothing for the adults to read.

I'll stop with the examples there!
Still, we survived. We tried out some local cuisine, we set in lawn chairs. We had packed Curly Girl's art easel and new supplies, plus had picked up a box of presents at the post office before we left SD, so the children had plenty to do.
And Walmart supplied new pillows (which we needed anyway) and a great new shower head (we needed to make the shower taller for Mr. Curly).

We re-aquainted ourselves with gas water heaters. We watched kids ride bikes across the street and marvelled at how many houses are around ours! (We're moving from a town of 300 to a town of about 10,000). We listened to the train and visited our local hardware store.

Next week, we're taking down our TV and DVD player, some cookware and frozen foods and hopefully a better packed suitcase!

Post title from "Cheaper by the Dozen"

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