Friday, October 1, 2010

We Are Family

Last Saturday we celebrated my grandmother's (dad's mom) 75th birthday.

Over 200 pictures were taken!! I can't wait to try to narrow down what I want to print out.

I don't know for certain how many great-grandkids my grandmother has. Present on Saturday were the 7 under the age of 6. 5 girls and 2 boys! There are 3 granddaughters pregnant - at least two of us are hoping for boys!

So, here are my gorgeous babies in their new clothes my mom bought them to wear for family pictures.

Curly Girl's birthday was Wizard of Oz themed. My mom found her ruby slippers, which she insisted on wearing with her new outfit on Saturday for family pictures.

Curly Boy also had a new outfit, complete with navy blue driver's cap that he would only keep on for about a minute. We took pictures during his nap time, so he was rather cranky during this process. And yes, the pants were a little too big in the waist and a little too short on the legs, but he looked good anyway!

On Sunday, we took the cousins (just my brother's daughter and my kids) to the park. They had an awesome time. Look at this cute picture!

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