Thursday, September 16, 2010

What you hear is not always what you get

Have you ever heard someone's name, or voice, and immediately formed a picture of that person in your head?
This happens to me a lot at work, as I do most of my communicating out of my little back office cubicle over the phone or email.

There was one person in particular who I had spoke with over the phone that just has the coolest name. It's right up there with Hudson Steele or Rockford Montgomery. You just envision a man in his mid-30's, built, dark wavy hair, a man's man. Like the guy on the Brawny paper towel packages.

The other day, I had to go to the building where this man works. It was not to meet him, but one of his colleagues. Of course, the colleague wasn't there, so I had to go to his office. I seriously hesitated before knocking on his door, because I had such an image of him in my head, I really didn't want it ruined.

I paused, knocked on the door, and held my breath.
Boy, was I surprised when the door opened.

Instead of the Brawny guy, I met Kip Pardue, who I know better as Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass from "Remember the Titans." This person is about 5'11", slim built. He has shoulder length wavy golden brown hair, glasses, a soul patch, and was wearing tan cords, a button up shirt untucked with the sleeves rolled up and those skecher journeyman sandals.

Meeting him hasn't changed the fact that he is really nice, and I like him. He's organized, does his job correctly, is helpful and courteous. He's just doesn't look anything like I thought he would.

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