Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Turn your eyes upon Jesus....

We sang that song last Sunday, our last Sunday at ERC.
So many people have been so encouraging about this move Mr. Curly and I are beginning Oct. 1 (we'll drive down to Iowa that night and spend the weekend, since Mr. Curly preaches Oct. 3).

I know we have had many many people praying for us since May, when the decision was made to search out a new church. We prayed then to God to lead us to a new calling, and if not to a new church, than a renewed and re-fired calling to ERC. As things progressed over the summer, it became apparent that God was calling us to leave (and thus close) ERC, to take on His mission somewhere else.

Thank you to all those who have prayed with us, and who continue to pray with us, as Mr. Curly follows this new venture.

For those of you who keep reminding us to listen to God's voice - we are. We have been since January 2008 when we took a leap of faith and moved 10 hours from any family and friends to begin a church in a town we knew nothing about and had no contacts.
God has blessed us infinitely here, much was learned and we wouldn't trade this time for anything, but it is time to leave. God's voice is clearer on that fact than on anything else.

Not everybody will agree with our decision, but in the end, it isn't even MY decision. It is Mr. Curly's. God has placed a special appointment on him - to teach and preach to the followers of Christ, to find the lost and give them the good news of God's love. My place in that calling is to be supportive of my husband, in whatever way that means, and I support him fully in this.

Yes, we will miss the friends we have made here. Yes, it does pain our hearts to close the doors of our church plant, one we had so much hope for, so many dreams for. It feels like a failure in every sense of the word.

But you do not ignore God's calling. If He didn't want us in Iowa, there are a multitude of things that would not have worked out. This is for the best, and we have to trust that. And our friends and family have to trust us in this decision.
So, with our eyes fully on Jesus, let the new adventure begin....

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