Tuesday, September 21, 2010

But, oh, those summer nights....

This "game" was actually invented in late August, but I'm really bad at getting pictures off my camera and onto the computer.

It was still warm out, but too cool to really go swimming. The Curly Kids really love their pool though, so we came up with this game.
Using a plastic football shaped popcorn bowl and a package of water balloons I got for $1, we decided to practice our catching and throwing skills.

The object of the game was different for each child. Curly Girl was to catch the water balloons using the fish net, and then dump them into the popcorn bowl.

Curly Boy was to then take the water balloons and throw them as far as he could back into the water.

It ended up with Curly Boy just splashing around because Curly Girl didn't want him to throw away her "wet ba-yons" and he eventually climbed into the pool. Mr. Curly and I were doing yardwork, so we were watching, but Curly Boy is sneaky. Curly Girl broke several water balloons all over herself by shaking them too vigorously.

I was more wet than the kids, trying to fill water balloons, even with the handy hose ends that had been included, but we had fun.
Post title from the movie Grease: "Summer Nights"

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