Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Need A Role Model! (Lessons from a Car Show)

Mr. Curly's favorite quote from "Gone in 60 Seconds" (the Nicolas Cage rendition) is "You need a role model!" It happens while a car thief is held at gun point for the stolen car he is driving.

It's a quote Mr. Curly says often while at car shows, particularly around little boys who think '36 Chevy Coupes are PT Cruisers (ask me about it sometime).

It is very important in the Curly household to know how to handle yourself at car shows. A milestone to be marked in the baby book even.

Here are Curly Girl and Boy enjoying some cool water in their wagon (Curly Boy's birthday present from Granddad and Grandma) at our local town car show this summer.

Curly Girl has finally reached the car show milestone. She knows not to touch a single spot on any car parked at a carshow, even if it's in the "currently in the restoring process" stage.

Curly Girl can walk you through a car show, pointing out the pretty cars, and you never have to remind her more than the cursory "we don't touch" at the beginning to be careful. It's completely awesome.

This car show was a bit more special, Mr. Curly actually entered his '50 Ford F-1. We haven't done this for a few years, due to the poor Ford not getting the attention it deserves (babies and church planting will do that to a truck). However, even with only a quick 15 minute scrub down - he won second place in his class! AND was 2nd place (tied with several other cars) for Best In Show (by popular vote)!

The plaque is sitting proudly in our dining room. It will either find its place on a garage wall, or possibly Mr. Curly's office. It could even end up in Curly Boy's bedroom, because of course, his bedroom is classic cars.

It was a proud day for the Curly's - to realize Curly Girl has reached the Car Show Trustworthy milestone, and to have Mr. Curly's truck was recognized for it's greatness.

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