Monday, August 9, 2010

Electricity, Electricity!

Remember Louie the Lightning Bug? Did you know you can order Lightning Bug booklets for your kids? Find them here.

Louie has been warning kids about electricty since 1983!

You know what Louie hasn't been doing? Louie hasn't told my electrical company how important it is for us to have electricity in order to wake up on time in the morning, or have lights in my bathroom.

About 1:15 a.m., Mr. Curly got out of bed and tried to turn on our window a/c unit (which I had turned on when I went to bed). He thought maybe it wasn't plugged in, so he tried to turn on our lamp. When that didn't work I told him just to turn on the overhead light. That wasn't on either.

The entire town was dark. The ENTIRE town had no electricity.

So we called the electric company who answered chipperly "Good Morning, how may we help you?" When Mr. Curly said he was calling about an outage and gave our town, they replied "We know of the situation and are currently working on it. Have a great day!"

Mr. Curly went to sleep downstairs where it was cooler. I opened a window.

I woke up at 6:30, but we still had no electricity. Our bathroom is on the northwest corner, with no windows, and an angled door so no light enters it from any other room. There was no way I could shower in there at that time.

I really wish Louie had been around to help the electric company workers out. I could see him now. Shining his little lightning bug light around, helping the guys to see whatever it was they were working on. Singing encouraging and educational songs, helping them get work done faster. Carrying tools, even, if needed, so the men wouldn't have to climb up and down the ladders, or rasie and lower the buckets on the trucks so much.

I imagine Louie is very helpful around electricity.

Maybe if he had been around, I could've been to work on time.

For the original Louie video (the first one I remember anyway) see here.

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