Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer nights....

Last night was supposed to be a work night at the Curly House. Instead, we spent an hour playing with bubbles, laughing uproariously as Titus jumped to catch them in the air.

Curly Girl has a bubble tube to make huge bubbles easily. Curly Boy ended up with the typical bubble wand. I don't think he got a bubble out of it once, but it was super cute to see him hold it in front of his face and attempt to blow the way we did.

Eventually, Mr. Curly took over both bubble wands and used the wind to produce many many bubbles at once. Every one was ok with that, until Curly Girl realized it meant the end was coming.

To continue the fun inside (and calm Curly Girl down) the kids took bubble baths and enjoyed some extra time in the tub splashing and covering their duckies with bubbles.

Pretty simple evening, actually, but up here, when you know summer will end soon, it's a time to cherish.

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