Monday, August 30, 2010

I washed the b-b's bottom.

The title there? That's what Curly Girl told me the other night when I went to get her off the potty and into bed.

She had found a air-soft gun plastic b-b outside in the dirt. Somehow, it made it into the house. On her way to the bathroom from her room, Curly Girl picked up the b-b, because "it needed to go potty too."
I tried to tell her that b-b's don't have bottom's, but she didn't believe me. When I got back to the bathroom, she informed me that the b-b had gone potty, she had washed his bottom and he was ready for bed. The b-b slept under her pillow that night.

This past Wednesday, she recieved a 12 inch horse with combable mane from a couple in our church. Curly Girl insisted on taking this horse to bed with her, despite the fact that it is plastic and not at all soft or cuddly.

She wanted to take the horse to the potty, but I wasn't allowing her to put off bedtime any longer, so the horsie went potty on the corner of her bed. I told her we would clean it up in the morning and she wiped the horse's bottom with a kleenex.

Then she kissed the horse, laid him down on her pillow, covered him with her blanket and said "Night night, horsie."

Then, because the horse was taking up most of her pillow, she decided to sleep on the edge of her bed.

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