Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taming the Frizz

As I explained in my first post, life can be frizzy. One of the issues Mr. Curly and I constantly deal with is how to tame that frizz, or at least, how do we look at the frizz and find the beautiful, God-blessed moment within it?

About a month ago, I was having a really crummy Wednesday. I have no idea what was going on, but as the afternoon wore on, my mood completely deteriorated. On Wednesdays, I get home about 5:30 and we have to leave again by 6:15 in order to make it to town for church (Mr. Curly is a church-plant pastor).
Curly Boy was extremely clingy that evening and Curly Girl seemed to have about as much patience as, well, as the 2.5 year old she is.
Mr. Curly makes supper on Wednesday evenings (he works from home and watches our children) so we can leave on time. For some reason, even though I was in a horrible mood, when I got home, I threw an ice cream mix in our ice cream maker. It takes about 45 minutes to make, and that's the amount of time I had.

At 6:12, Curly Girl was demanding more milk and Curly Boy was pulling on my jeans screaming to be picked up all while I tried to scrape ice cream into a container to throw into the freezer for after church.

As we are a small church plant, we meet in an old store-front, which means no closed off nursery. I usually spend Wednesday nights, which are casual prayer meetings, keeping the children in a corner coloring, or watching a movie, or at least not throwing blocks at one another. I was not looking forward to that at all this evening.

God bless Mr. Curly. He came down stairs, gave me a kiss and told me to put the kids to bed early and went off to church on his own.

Suddenly, the pressure of the evening was gone. I wouldn't have to keep a clingy Curly Boy down to a dull roar while trying to contain rolling crayons and little girl squeals. I put the ice cream in the freezer, sprayed the kids down with our homemade bug spray and dumped them in the wagon.

That Wednesday night, which I had started off so frizzy, ended as a beautiful moment of just "mama and us" time. I took the Curly kids down to the park, along with the dog, where Curly Girl showed off her bravery by going down the tallest slide over and over all by herself and Curly Boy climbed three feet up the straight slide. Curly Girl attempted the disk swing, and Curly Boy climbed up the fort (with me right behind him!). We swung and slid and played in the sand for almost an hour before going home for bubble baths.

That evening, as I related the fun events to Mr. Curly, I was reminded of Psalm 127:3b "Children [are] a reward from Him [the Lord]".

While I do not pray for hectic Wednesday evenings or bad moods, I do pray for many more beautiful evenings with my reward from the Lord.

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Anonymous said...

What a great gift, Mr. Curly gave you. It's such a blessing to spend time with the little ones, especially after a day at work. You are a wonderful mommy, no matter how frizzy you get :) Thank you for the reminder from Psalm 127:3b!
~Jen S.