Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stand in the Place Where You Are

Curly Boy turned 15 months old on July 15. This child, who can practically climb a flat wall, sees no reason to walk on his own. He does walk, while holding someone's hand, or a couch, or push toy. He can step over branches that reach above his knees while holding someone's hand. He can step out of a bubble at the Burger King PlayPlace, even when it is too tall for his little legs.

But walking on his own? Well, that's just not necessary. He crawls as fast as his big sister walks, so what's the point of being on your feet?

Last night, however, we believe he had an epiphany. He can stand without touching anything for several minutes! The look on his face was fantastic and I whipped out the camera, just as he realized he could also fall backwards and Daddy would catch him. That was way more fun than just standing!

After the novelty of falling into Daddy's arms wore off, we encouraged him to take steps without holding onto anyone. He did one and then fell forward into my arms.

I've had people tell me that Curly Girl didn't walk until 17 months old because she didn't HAVE to walk, that I was too willing to carry her from room to room, and to hold and cuddle her. What most of them don't realize is the from the day Curly Girl took her first step, she never fell down. There was no toddling, no falling, it was straight out walking like she had done it forever. She was either very cautious (not wanting to get hurt) or very proud (not wanting to let us see her make a mistake).

Curly Boy has started bear crawling over rocks, wood chips, and other surfaces he doesn't want his knees on. I'm thinking now that he realized he can stand, we're going to be chasing the world's fastest toddler-spiderman, wondering where our baby-crawler went.

Until that moment comes, any suggestions on how to get the fastest crawler monkey to stand and walk?

"Stand" by REM

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